NFL Technology: What’s New for the 2017 Season

Cheap DeAndre Carter jersey Football is getting smarter. As scientific advances and inventions push humankind towards an increasingly digital future, the pace at which the NFL, its teams, and its players are embracing technology is quickening. “Right now we’re witnessing this explosion of digital health applications,” says Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung Jersey, “and it has real significant value, especially for professional athletes.” When he’s not standing on the O-line, Okung sits on the Athlete Advisory Board of the OneTeam Collective, the NFLPA’s technology accelerator. (The NFL also established its own venture capital fund, 32 Equity, in 2013, and teams like the 49ers are investing in technology firms.)

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Some football tech developments have been public, but many have taken place behind the scenes, with teams and players wary about surrendering newfound edges. “If you go public,” says Luke Bornn, a statistics professor who has worked with many professional teams and is currently VP of strategy and analytics for the Sacramento Kings, “then everyone will follow suit, and the advantage disappears.”

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This season The MMQB will be delving into this brave new world of football. To start, we bring you a primer on some of the technologies that are being, or may soon be, implemented into football:

cheap jerseys authentic Movement

Cheap DeAndre Carter jersey Zebra Technologies has been tracking the movements of NFL players during games since 2014. Zebra inserts two small radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in the shoulder pads of each player, one on either side, and receivers located around a stadium then triangulate the position of the tags. These are where the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, based on the location, speed, and acceleration of every player, come from. But the usefulness of Zebra data has been hindered by NFL restrictions on its use—though teams can access their own data, they can’t access other teams’ data. Only a handful of NFL teams use Zebra’s system in training, with many turning to other devices instead. Catapult, which uses GPS and accelerometers to determine location and movement, works with more than a dozen teams. STATSports, which also uses GPS and accelerometers, works with five.


Determining the overall movement of a player’s center of mass can give an estimate of the workload on his body, but to better understand the stresses on limbs and joints—stresses and imbalances that could lead to injury—requires measuring the movement of those individually. There are several companies that use accelerometers placed at different locations on an athlete’s body aiming to measure biomechanics, though most are not working explicitly in football. Motus Global has an arm sleeve device called MotusQB designed to calculate the workload in a quarterback’s throwing arm. Torqlabs uses four devices located on a runner’s upper and lower legs to measure gait, and Lumo Run uses a single device placed at the bottom of the spine to do the same by analyzing hip movement.


The actual force a player can exert—perhaps an offensive lineman pushing back against a defender on the line of scrimmage, or a receiver pushing off from the turf to leap into the air—depends on both biomechanics and raw strength. Increasing that strength is why players spend hours in the weight room, but technology is offering advancements there, too. A system made by Sparta Science can measure the force a player applies to a measuring plate in the ground as he jumps and is used by several NFL teams. A wearable band by PUSH uses accelerometers to track the speed of reps, and has been used to evaluate NFL players’ ability to push a sled in training. Clothing by Athos can measure the activity of individual muscles by recording electrical activity on the skin, and has helped prospects train for the combine.


One of the biggest injury risk factors in sports is fatigue. Instead of seeking performance gains during the season, teams generally focus on maximizing players’ recovery. In April, the NFLPA signed a deal with WHOOP, a wearable technology company whose wristband is designed to monitor both the strain of workouts and how recovered each player is after resting or sleeping. Because this agreement is with the NFLPA and not the NFL, though, teams may not have easy access to the data. However, there are other systems to evaluate recovery. PUSH makes a platform used in the NFL that combines physiological tests with questions about how an athlete is feeling to determine readiness to train or play. Under Armour’s Record Equipped running shoes have inbuilt sensors that can evaluate fatigue level based on performance in a jump test.


The simplest devices and methods generally track external metrics (such as movement, force, and skin temperature and electrical conductivity) or the simplest internal biometrics (such as heart rate and heart rate variability), but the most useful numbers can require more invasive testing. Several NFL teams work with Quest Diagnostics, whose Blueprint for Wellness program includes lab work to measure the levels of dozens of chemicals and proteins in players’ blood. InsideTracker offers personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to athletes and consumers based on similar blood tests. Endurance athletes have even experimented with using continuous glucose monitoring devices, such as those made by Dexcom, which were developed for diabetes management and use a needle inserted under the skin, to see how their bodies respond to different nutrition strategies.


The most personal of any player’s data, far more so than activity tracking or even the results of blood tests, might be his DNA. In theory, this provides the unique instructions for how to build each athlete, and therefore the information on exactly how each player differs, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. A decade and a half on from the Human Genome Project, we are finally entering an era in which DNA screening and sequencing is becoming routine. There are many companies that are attempting to convert knowledge of each person’s DNA into useful medical insights—23andMe is probably the best known. A few are also doing the same for sports, predicting injury risks and personalizing training, including Athletigen, DNAFit, and ORIG3N.


Or perhaps the most personal information is about what goes on inside a player’s head. With the concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy crisis seeming to threaten the very existence of football, this is at least the most controversial data. Several teams already use STRIVR’s virtual reality system to run players through extra reps off the field, and others use Senaptec Strobe glasses to train hand-eye coordination. Brainwave measuring headsets, including Smith’s Lowdown Focus sunglasses, aim to help teach concentration and relaxation techniques. But while improved focus, reactions and decision-making could help players win games, tracking those quantities over time might also reveal changes to football players’ brains linked to the accumulation of hits.

Data Management

All of the above devices and technologies can generate a huge amount of data. Converting all of that information into relatable quantities, and combining different data sources together to create actionable insights is perhaps the biggest obstacle holding back a greater adoption of technology by the NFL. Few coaches and athletes have analytics and science expertise, or the time or space to pick that up. A range of companies is vying to fill this gap, including industry leader Kinduct. In May, Zebra partnered with the company to help manage data for its NFL and college football clients. Other companies building athlete management systems include both Sparta and PUSH.

The above list isn’t an exhaustive review of the technology in football, but a starting point for what The MMQB will be investigating this season. “Every single team does something really well, even the bad ones,” explains Steve Gera, a former analyst with the Chargers and head of innovation with the Browns, and now the creative officer at Gains Group, an agency that connects athletes and coaches with technology companies. This year we will look at what tech both the winners and the losers are using. How playoff contenders are using science to strengthen their advantages, and how the underdogs are using it to find a way back to the top.

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How Blair Walsh’s Infamous Missed Field Goal May Have Saved a Young Fan’s Life

Cheap Nick Boyle jersey I honestly don’t ever think about it anymore. I really don’t. The only time it’s ever in my mind is if someone actually says it to me. That’s it.?— Blair Walsh Jersey Jersey

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On Jan. 10, 2016, the Vikings hosted the Seahawks in Minneapolis at TCF Bank Stadium in an NFC wild-card game. Factoring in the wind chill, temperatures plummeted to -25° Fahrenheit, making their playoff affair the third-coldest game in NFL history. It was also the single worst afternoon of Blair Walsh Jersey Jersey’s life.

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Players huddled around heaters near the benches. Fans scraped ice off luxury box glass as if attending to frozen-over car windshields. But this game wouldn’t be remembered for the cold. It wouldn’t be remembered for the three field goals Walsh made in the first three quarters, the only points scored by either team for most of the game. Nor would it be remembered for the Seahawks’ fourth-quarter touchdown, Adrian Peterson Jersey Jersey’s fumble that gave Seattle the ball back, or the field goal that put the Hawks ahead, 10–9.

wholesale jerseys authentic Instead, that game will always be known as the time one of the NFL’s most reliable kickers, a first-team All-Pro in 2012, shanked?a game-winning field-goal attempt with 26 seconds left. Of course it wasn’t that simple. There were circumstances. The cold meant the kickers couldn’t feel their feet; the holder placed the ball the wrong way, with the laces in, a la Ace Ventura: Pet Detective; and the Seahawks had nearly blocked the previous attempt, meaning Walsh’s unit would have to hurry. But nobody remembers any of that. What they recall is that Walsh missed from 27 yards, ending the Vikings’ season by hooking a kick he can still make with his eyes closed. That’s what most recollect, anyway.

Cheap Nick Boyle jersey “I’ll be totally honest with you,” Walsh says. “I remember almost nothing about that game.”

In the immediate aftermath, Walsh tried to follow the advice his parents, Joseph and Karen, gave him: Take accountability, make critical assessments, then move forward. That’s how he was raised; that’s the kicker life. He tried to place the miss in its proper context, as one kick—albeit one terrible, unfortunate, season-ending kick—but nothing more. Still, he says it took him about three weeks to reconcile the missed attempt.

Twitter made that approach more difficult, as it always does. There’s no room for nuance, no space for reason, no one to point out that Walsh had made 85.2% of his career field goals before that day. Imagine if you were that good at your job, and then you logged onto social media after your worst day at the office to be greeted by dozens, even hundreds, of death threats … “DIE Blair Walsh Jersey Jersey DIE YOU F—— SUCK.” Over and over. “I’ve only had positive interactions with people face-to-face,” Walsh says. “The rest is keyboard heroism.”

Today, he laughs when he thinks back to that time when he still played for Minnesota.?It’s August 2017, 19 months after that fateful day, and he’s reliving the shank in the region that celebrated when it sailed wide. Walsh is sitting in a chair outside the Seahawks’ weight room, atop the depth chart of a Super Bowl contender, nine months after he was released by the Vikings last November. “If somebody told me the day I walked off that field, just watch, you’ll end up in Seattle,” he says, “I would have been like, nah, no way.”

That he landed in Seattle, of all places, isn’t even the most improbable part of Walsh’s life these last two years. There’s a whole other story about a teenager 1,700 miles away whom he befriended and what they tried to overcome, together.

I figured he needed to hear from somebody going through something like I was going through. – Camryn Nasman

The self-described “biggest Blair Walsh Jersey Jersey” fan in the Midwest watched her favorite football player line up for the final kick against the Seahawks. “You can do it, Blair,” Camryn, then 14, whispered, while pacing back and forth in a room apart from the rest of her family at their home two hours from Minneapolis. When the attempt sailed wide left, she cried hysterically and punched the floor. “I had always had a crush on him, so of course I wasn’t mad,” Camryn says. “But then I went on Facebook and saw how much hate was being thrown at him.”

“She locked herself in her room trying to defend him,” says Rikki Pardun, Camryn’s mother.

The week after the game, Camryn, now 15, happened to spy a local television segment about Walsh’s visit to Northpoint Elementary, located just north of Minneapolis.?First graders at the school had written Walsh letters of encouragement the week after the miss; in response, he visited the school, delaying a planned trip home to California. One student told Walsh he wished he had made the field goal—that made two of them—but loved him anyway. Another asked if he owned a guinea pig. Another called him the “best kicker in the universe,” while another described him as “handsome,” and yet another told him “better luck next time.”?

This only reinforced Camryn’s love for Walsh.?“Mom, look at him,” she said. “He missed that kick and everyone is soooo mean and he’s still trying to improve himself.”

Camryn was impressed with how Walsh blamed no one, blamed nothing—not the holder, not the weather, not the Kicking Gods—but himself. He wasn’t Ray?Finkle?in?Ace Ventura, plotting revenge on Dan Marino Jersey and Snowflake the Dolphin, yelling?laces out! “I kicked it,” Walsh says, a year-and-a-half later. “The ball left my foot. That’s on me.”?

At that point, Pardun didn’t know her daughter, who loved softball and the outdoors, had been suffering from depression. She didn’t realize that was part of the reason Camryn connected so deeply with Walsh’s story—she, too, dealt with bullies and didn’t know how to respond. Pardun knew that Camryn struggled with anxiety, but she only found out about her daughter’s depression four months after the missed kick, in May 2016, when a guidance counselor called from school, patching mother and daughter into a suicide hotline. Camryn had told the counselor about the suicide notes she had written to her family and her teachers, how she planned to kill herself with her rifle that night.

Pardun then made the toughest decision of her life, committing?Camryn to a hospital for treatment for a week. Later that month, she poured all her emotions into a Facebook post, juxtaposing pictures of her daughter—flinging a softball, smiling next to her sister, holding aloft a fish she had reeled in—with an honest account of her struggles with depression.

“So, this isn’t something anyone likes to talk about,” the post starts. Pardun then details how her daughter spent the previous weeks in the hospital and how she drove 200 miles every evening just to visit for an hour or two. She writes that Camryn still has suicidal thoughts “every day,” that her goal is to help others and that she is proud of her daughter’s “strength and compassion.”

The post garnered more than 9,000 shares and elicited almost 900 comments, and none contained the vitriol lobbed at Walsh after the miss. Endless prayers for you and her, all of you. It has been 2 years since I lost my 21 yr old to suicide. Worst pain ever, that is always there … My issues started around that age. At 33 I still battle but I admire her strength and yours for sharing.

When Vikings camp started in July, not long after Camryn came home from the hospital, Camryn begged her mom to take her to a practice. She saw on the news that fans could fill out postcards, writing to their favorite players.?The cards ask for the player’s name and then say “Good luck/This season I hope you …” and?Camryn filled out three of them. The first starts … continue to inspire people like me everyday. Last year I developed depression because I cared so much about what people thought about me. Thoughts like harming myself flooded my head and I began to self harm.

Then in the playoff game you missed the game winning field goal. The whole world seemed to be against you, but you had the most positive attitude ever. You inspired me and I stopped cutting and caring what others thought of me.

Thank you so much. I am currently cut free and happy as ever. Keep your head up. You’re the reason I didn’t give up.

It’s just sports. It’s not life or death. But if I could help change her outlook and how she viewed herself that was huge. — Blair Walsh Jersey Jersey

He helped me more than he’ll ever know. —?Camryn Nasman

Walsh didn’t learn about Camryn’s letters of encouragement until midway through the 2016 season. His year had started poorly. He missed two field goals in the opener and two more in the first eight games, and he also failed to convert three extra points in that stretch. His teammates remained supportive; no one even mentioned the missed kick from the previous season. But while Walsh insists there was no carryover, it was impossible not to connect the playoff fail with the shaky start to the subsequent season.

As Walsh struggled, so did Camryn. Some days she couldn’t deal, even as she made progress. That’s how depression works. It never goes away. One morning in October before school, she collected as many pills as she could find at home and threw them in a bag and hid the bag away. She says she planned to swallow them the next morning. “I was in a very, very low spot,” she says. But when she woke up that day, she had a voicemail from the Vikings. Walsh had seen her cards and wanted to meet with her in person.

They met at Vikings headquarters in Eden Prairie a month later. Walsh?didn’t want to overstate what he had been through. The miss failed to compare to her depression; it never would.

When they convened,?Camryn’s mind went blank. She forgot all of her questions. She asked Walsh his favorite color (black and red) and took pictures with him and went home with an autographed poster. She wanted to ask how he had managed to move on so gracefully. When she didn’t, he told her anyway, about the miss and how he felt awful for his teammates. He told her the kick—and its brutal aftermath—had strengthened his resolve.

“I was so scared the day after,” Pardun says. “Meeting Blair was her greatest wish in life, so I was afraid the next day would be terrible. It kind of was. She was embarrassed. But things changed after that.”

A month later, in November 2016, the Vikings released Walsh, but he tried to remain positive.?Camryn tried to, as well. She’d write whenever she thought of harming herself, and the words—about depression and cutting her arms and asking for the help she needed—spilled out into pages. Lots and lots of pages. Eventually they became a book. Then a girl in a neighboring community hung herself, and the news hit?Camryn?hard.?That could have been me, she thought. So she decided self-publish the volume she wrote,?The Girl Behind the Smile,?and tell her story, sparing none of the uncomfortable details. She posted pictures?on Instagram?of the cuts that lined her arms. “She started to feel like she had a purpose,” her mom says.

The kicker heard about the book and thought back to their meeting. He felt proud of?Camryn?and redoubled his own efforts, meeting with the retired placekicker turned kicking coach John Carney. They didn’t talk about the miss, either.?

The man who shanked the Vikings’ playoff kick against the Seahawks walked into their headquarters after the 2016 season ended, almost exactly a year after the miss. He had not played since Minnesota released him in November. Immediately, he met Pete Carroll, a coach who likes his eggs and disposition the same way—sunny-side up. Carroll has said things like losing the Super Bowl will be the best thing that ever happened to his team. He signed Walsh to a futures contract. Walsh maintains that none of his new teammates has asked him about the miss.?

In his first preseason game with Seattle, Walsh made all eight of his attempts, including two field goals. “I’m fortunate,” he says.

Camryn still deals with her depression every day. She wrote a Facebook post in August that starts out, “I thought about suicide today.” But she didn’t reach for the knife. She considered all the “beautiful lives lost to sadness and hopelessness” and wanted to “hug everyone who gets put down for STUPID reasons.” In that context, Walsh’s miss seemed small. But not his impact on Camryn.

There’s no neat and tidy end here. Walsh won’t make every kick the rest of his career, and when he does miss, he’ll hear about on social media. Camryn’s depression wasn’t magically cured. What matters is that both faced something difficult, drawing strength from each other, moving forward, together, fighting and living and trying to do better than they did the day before.

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Source: CB Tramaine Brock to Vikings; Seahawks get 7th-round pick

Cheap Chris Smith jersey 8:20 PM ETBrady HendersonESPN FacebookTwitterFacebook MessengerPinterestEmailprintcommentThe Seattle Seahawks Jersey are trading veteran cornerback Tramaine Brock Jersey to the Minnesota Vikings Jersey for a seventh-round pick. Editor’s PicksSeahawks acquire Richardson; Kearse to JetsThe Seahawks traded receiver Jermaine Kearse Jersey to the Jets for defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson Jersey on Friday.

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The Seahawks signed Brock, 29, to a one-year deal on Aug. 16 and was immediately thrown into the competition at cornerback. Brock was seen as an option on the outside or working as a slot cornerback. But Seattle opted to stay in-house with its options and will go into the regular season relying on veteran Jeremy Lane Jersey and rookie Shaq Griffin opposite Richard Sherman Jersey.

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Brock’s late signing was due to off-field troubles. Brock was charged with felony domestic violence in June but those charges were dismissed in August by the Santa Clara County district attorney’s office.

cheap sports jerseys Brock started 31 of 32 games over the past two seasons for San Francisco before his release in April.

Cheap Chris Smith jersey Brock could still face discipline from the NFL under the league’s personal conduct policy, even though the district attorney’s office dismissed the case against him based on insufficient evidence because the alleged victim — who is the mother of his children — declined to cooperate.

Shortly after the charges against Brock were dismissed, the woman’s attorney wrote in an open letter: “My client’s choice not to testify was voluntary and not dependent upon past or future actions by any part. She has indicated to me that this was a verbal altercation. She and Mr. Brock look forward to co-parenting their two young children.”

Brock told reporters after signing with Seattle that he’s confident that “nothing will happen” with regards to league discipline.

Brock’s agent, Ron Slavin, told Seattle reporters the same day: “I can’t ever predict what they’re (the NFL) going to do. I know with the information we have and the things in writing and the things that she’s already admitted, I know he’s going to cooperate, I’m going to be a part of it, I know she’s going to cooperate, so I’m hoping there won’t be.”

Brock’s base salary on his one-year Seahawks deal was $900,000, the minimum for a player with his experience.

Brock’s trade to Minnesota marks another change in Seattle’s cornerback depth. Seattle lost DeAndre Elliott to a broken ankle in the team’s final preseason game Thursday night and acquired Justin Coleman Jersey Jersey in a trade with the New England Patriots Jersey earlier Friday.

Brock will join a veteran secondary in Minnesota that includes safeties Harrison Smith Jersey Jersey and Andrew Sedenjo, and cornerbacks Xavier Rhodes Jersey Jersey, Terrence Newman and Trae Waynes Jersey.

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Sheldon Richardson gives Seahawks’ D-line a Super Bowl feel

Cheap Bryce Petty jersey In the 2013 season, when the Seattle Seahawks Jersey won their first Super Bowl title in franchise history, their defensive line was so stacked that future Pro Bowlers Michael Bennett Jersey Jersey and Cliff Avril Jersey came off the bench. Seattle’s star-studded secondary received much of the attention — rightfully so — but the defense that led the NFL in takeaways with a whopping 39 started with the big boys up front.

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The 2017 version can be even better with the addition of Sheldon Richardson Jersey via a trade with the Jets on Friday.

bryce petty black friday jersey

Richardson strengthens what was already a dominant defensive line, and he gives the Seahawks the interior presence they hoped they were getting with top pick Malik McDowell Jersey, who may miss his rookie season and possibly beyond following a serious ATV accident.

wholesale sports jerseys Richardson has 18 sacks over four seasons, which is a significant total for a pass-rusher whose natural position is 3-technique defensive tackle. That includes 3.5 sacks en route to being named the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2013, then eight in 2014, when he was named to the Pro Bowl after his most productive season. He could be a starter in Seattle’s base packages depending on what happens with Ahtyba Rubin Jersey, but Richardson’s presence in Seattle’s nickel pass-rush will make that foursome arguably the NFL’s best.

Cheap Bryce Petty jersey Good luck blocking Avril, Bennett, Richardson and Frank Clark Jersey.

Richardson has 18 sacks over four seasons, which is a significant total for a pass-rusher whose natural position is as a 3-technique defensive tackle. Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY SportsThe Seahawks were tied for third in the NFL in sacks last season with 42. That was despite Bennett’s missing five games with an injury. It also was despite the Seahawks’ sending an additional (fifth) pass-rusher on only 25.5 percent of their defensive snaps. According to ESPN Stats & Information, that percentage was 20th in the league, which is an indication of how effective Seattle was at generating pressure with its front four.

Avril posted a career-best 11.5 sacks last season to lead the team. Clark was second with 10. Bennett is one of the NFL’s most disruptive defensive linemen even if his sack totals don’t show it.

And that group just got even better, as did Seattle’s defense as a whole. That group now features eight players who have made a Pro Bowl: Richardson, Bennett, Avril, linebackers Bobby Wagner Jersey and K.J. Wright Jersey, cornerback Richard Sherman Jersey, and safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor Jersey. One exception is Clark, who’s loaded with potential.

Richardson isn’t a perfect addition on the field or off of it. He’s coming off what by his standards is a down season with 1.5 sacks in 15 games, though he did play some outside linebacker and still was effective. He also has been suspended twice, first for a violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy and then following an arrest related to a high-speed car chase with police in 2015. His act apparently wore thin on Jets coach Todd Bowles.

Richardson may be difficult for the Seahawks to re-sign when his contract expires after the season given all the money Seattle is committing to its other stars. According to, the Seahawks have eight players whose contracts average at least $10 million, topped by quarterback Russell Wilson Jersey at $21.9 million. But Richardson’s effort has never been a question and he should be especially motivated in a contract year.

The Seahawks have seen how far a dominant defensive line can take them. Theirs just got even more dominant with the addition of Richardson.

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Saints WR Willie Snead suspended three games

Wholesale Caraun Reid jersey New Orleans Saints Jersey wide receiver Willie Snead Jersey Jersey has been suspended the first three games of the regular season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. The suspension stems from an offseason DUI charge.

cyber monday caraun reid jersey

Snead was originally suspended four games, but that dropped to three after appeal.

caraun reid cyber monday jersey

“Obviously it’s unfortunate, and I think knowing Willie, a bit surprising. So we kind of go from there,” coach Sean Payton said.

wholesale jerseys “Obviously when it involves a player suspension to start the season … you have to adjust your roster accordingly,” Payton said. “But we are aware of it, on top of it, and that will factor into how we go into planning the early part of this season.”

Wholesale Caraun Reid jersey Saints general manager Mickey Loomis said in a statement: “We are aware of the news regarding Willie Snead Jersey Jersey’s suspension. Our focus is on finalizing our roster and preparing for the beginning of the 2017 regular season and working with the players on our team.”

Snead, 24, was expected to be a big part of the Saints’ offense, especially after they traded away Brandin Cooks Jersey Jersey to the New England Patriots Jersey.

Now they will likely count on backups Brandon Coleman Jersey Jersey and Tommylee Lewis more than usual to supplant starters Michael Thomas Jersey and Ted Ginn Jersey Jr Jersey. – though Payton declined to elaborate on how the Saints will replace Snead’s production in the lineup. Snead’s suspension could also increase the chances of New Orleans keeping veteran runner/receiver Travaris Cadet on the roster.

The Saints also had veteran receiver Corey Fuller Jersey in training camp, but he was placed on injured reserve Friday with an unspecified injury.

Snead has been one of the Saints’ best discoveries during the Payton-Loomis era, with a total of 141 catches for 1,879 yards and seven touchdowns over the past two years. Before that, the 5-foot-11, 195-pounder went undrafted out of Ball State in 2014 and was released by both the Cleveland Browns Jersey and Carolina Panthers Jersey before landing on New Orleans’ practice squad.

Snead is scheduled to become a restricted free agent after this season after he failed to work out a long-term contract extension with the Saints this offseason.

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Cowboys file court papers in support of emergency motion in Ezekiel Elliott case

Cheap Martin Wallace jersey The Dallas Cowboys Jersey have filed in court a declaration of support of the NFL Players Association’s emergency motion for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction fighting the six-game suspension levied by the league against running back Ezekiel Elliott Jersey. Cowboys general counsel Jason Cohen observed the three-day appeal hearing Elliott took part in this week in New York.

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He wrote Elliott’s six-game suspension would “cause the Cowboys irreparable harm.” He said Elliott plays a “critical role on our team — both as a leader and a player” and every practice and game that Elliott misses, “will hurt our team’s chances of having a successful season and making it to the 2017-2018 NFL playoffs and hopefully the Super Bowl.”

martin wallace black friday jersey

The NFLPA filed a request for a temporary restraining order in the Eastern District of Texas, calling for the courts to block any suspension upheld by NFL arbitrator Harold Henderson, according to a court filing obtained by ESPN.

cheap jerseys The filing accused the league’s appeals process of being “fundamentally unfair” and citing new facts revealed during this week’s hearing that wrapped up Thursday.

Cheap Martin Wallace jersey If Henderson rules that Elliott should remain suspended for any stretch of games, the court then can decide to stay the suspension while it reviews the matter, and Elliott could potentially be allowed to play while the case works its way through the courts.

In the filing, the NFLPA alleges “there was a League-orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives … to hide critical information — which would completely exonerate Elliott” in his domestic violence case.

“During the course of the past 13 months and culminating in the last three days of the appeal process, we have witnessed some of the most egregious violations of legal due process in connection with the NFL’s investigation of Mr. Elliott,” read a statement from Elliott’s attorneys Frank Salzano and Scott Rosenblum. “Not only did the underlying facts not support the false allegations made against Mr. Elliott, but the process in which they were gathered and adjudicated were fundamentally unfair. Mr. Elliott looks forward to being completely vindicated and will continue to explore all other legal options to redress the reputational and monetary harm that he has suffered.”

According to the filing, Kia Wright Roberts, the NFL’s director of investigations, testified Tuesday that she was the only NFL employee who interviewed the running back’s accuser, Tiffany Thompson, during the investigation and that she would not have recommended discipline for Elliott based on what she found. In her testimony, Roberts said that another NFL security representative was with her during an interview with Thompson.

The filing also said Roberts told Lisa Friel, who investigates domestic violence cases for the NFL, of her views, but was never allowed to convey them to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell or the “independent advisors.”

The NFLPA says Roberts concluded after reviewing all evidence that Thompson “was not credible in her allegations of abuse,” according to the filing.

“The withholding of this critical information from the disciplinary process was a momentous denial of the fundamental fairness required in every arbitration and, of course, does not satisfy federal labor law’s minimal due process requirements,” the union wrote.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said Friday morning that it’s “unequivocally, absolutely false” that Goodell was not aware of Roberts’ findings in the investigation before he imposed discipline.

“The idea that this was a conspiracy is false,” Lockhart said. “The credibility issues were addressed at length in the investigative report. Kia Roberts’ points were made very clearly. The 160-page report included a fulsome description of the credibility problems of both Tiffany Thompson and Ezekiel Elliott Jersey.”

Lockhart said the court will have to decide whether the league adhered to the CBA in its investigation, and the league obviously believes it did.

During NFLPA lawyer Jeffrey Kessler’s questioning of Friel, he asked her if she knew of anyone involved in the investigation “said we should not pursue discipline in this matter because the evidence is so inconsistent and there’s so many credibility issues.”

Friel answered: “I don’t know if I can answer that.” She added that one side conducts the investigation and the other side – Goodell – decides discipline. She did say that Roberts expressed concerns about the credibility of Elliott’s accuser.

Until a decision is made by Henderson, Elliott remains eligible to play in the Sept. 10 season opener against the New York Giants Jersey. If he upholds the suspension, then Elliott could still be eligible if an emergency motion is granted.

The NFLPA paperwork contained a pro forma document in such filings: a draft copy of a temporary restraining order — in Elliott’s favor — to be signed by the judge overseeing the case. ESPN briefly incorrectly reported that an injunction had been granted.

Taking a legal stance against the NFL is not new for Jerry Jones.

In 1995 Jones filed a $750 million lawsuit against the NFL after the league brought a $300 million suit against Jones for signing marketing agreements with Pepsi and Nike for Texas Stadium outside of NFL Properties.

The sides eventually settled their differences without going through with the suits.

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Sheldon Richardson had to go because talent isn’t everything

Cheap Aaron Williams jersey The New York Jets Jersey accomplished three things by trading Sheldon Richardson Jersey for Jermaine Kearse Jersey and draft picks, making this a win-win-win for them:They acquired future draft capital, a second-round pick in 2018.

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1. You know the deal: It’s all about the future for the Jets, who made it quite clear in the offseason that winning isn’t the No. 1 priority this season. Chances are, it’ll be a low second-round pick because the Seattle Seahawks Jersey are a strong team, but it’s an asset — and this team needs as many as it can get, especially with the division rival Buffalo Bills Jersey stockpiling future picks.

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2. They addressed a glaring need by acquiring Kearse, a 27-year-old wide receiver with experience in a West Coast system. He’s not a true No. 1 receiver. He may not be a No. 2, but he looks like Jerry Rice Jersey in the eyes of the Jets, whose receiving corps in the preseason looked like the worst in the league. Kearse’s big-play production slipped last season — he scored only one touchdown and averaged 12.5 yards per catch — prompting Seattle to put him on the trading block. I’d say he’s a notch below Eric Decker Jersey, but Kearse is making only $2.2 million this year and $5 million in 2018. He might not be a long-term answer, but he an NFL-caliber receiver who has played in big games (not that the Jets will have any).

cheap jerseys from china 3. Richardson had to go for a couple of reasons. He’s in his contract year and they almost certainly would’ve lost him as a free agent, receiving nothing (except maybe a compensatory pick in 2019). Concerned about his off-the-field issues, the Jets were reluctant to invest long term in the twice-suspended Richardson. They’ve made a concerted effort to change the culture in the locker room, which Richardson helped destroy last year with his personal vendetta against Brandon Marshall Jersey Jersey. The Jets rid themselves of players like Marshall, Calvin Pryor Jersey and Darrelle Revis Jersey in an attempt to rebuild team chemistry.

Cheap Aaron Williams jersey Coach Todd Bowles was livid early in training camp when Richardson torched Marshall in a radio interview, another example of the immature defensive lineman putting himself above the team. He got an earful from Bowles, who essentially told him he was one more misstep away from being shown the door. It’s not clear if anything happened between then and now, but the damage had been done. Quite simply, they were tired of his act.

Is there downside to the trade? Sure, there’s always downside. Richardson, a first-round pick in 2013, is only 26 years old and a tremendous talent. He could turn into a true star with Seattle, where his outspoken personality will be embraced in Pete Carroll’s laissez-faire environment, but there’s a difference between a talented player and a winning player. Richardson isn’t a winning player. We’ve seen the New England Patriots Jersey unload guys like Richardson (Chandler Jones Jersey Jersey, Jamie Collins Jersey Jersey Jersey, etc.), putting the team above individual talent.

Bowles is trying to do that, evidenced by his new mantra: “One team, one goal.” He might not be around to reap the benefits of that extra second-round pick, but at least he has a plan.

The defensive line, with Leonard Williams Jersey and Muhammad Wilkerson Jersey, is strong enough to withstand the loss. This should help Kony Ealy Jersey Jersey Jersey’s chances of sticking; he can be a nickel pass-rusher. The coaches never figured out a way to use Williams, Wilkerson and Richardson, so this should make things easier.

The Jets traded from a strength, helped a weakness and bolstered their future. What’s not to like about the trade?

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Steelers WR Martavis Bryant cleared to play in regular-season practices, games

Cheap Sam Barrington jersey The NFL on Friday cleared Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey receiver Martavis Bryant Jersey to participate in regular-season practices and games. Bryant was under conditional reinstatement after missing the entire 2016 season for multiple drug violations.

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Bryant missed two weeks of training camp practices while awaiting preseason clearance, which came Aug. 9. Bryant maintained that he expected to get full reinstatement for the season by continuing to pass his drug tests.

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Bryant — the explosive playmaker who has 15 touchdowns in 21 regular-season games — says he’s quit smoking marijuana, a habit that cost him 20 games since being drafted in the fourth round in 2014.

wholesale jerseys from china Editor’s PicksThe ultimate X factor: Martavis Bryant Jersey on the brinkThe Steelers wide receiver is one failed drug test from the end of his NFL career. He’s also one fully realized season from making the Pittsburgh offense totally unstoppable. Which is it going to be?

Cheap Sam Barrington jersey Bell fulfills promise, reports to Steelers facilityLe’Veon Bell Jersey entered the Steelers team facility Friday afternoon, fulfilling his public promise to return to the team on Sept. 1.

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Bryant is beating the odds by returning to the field. From 2010 to 2015, one of 11 players who served at least a year-long substance abuse suspension — defensive tackle Johnny Jolly — returned to NFL play, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

“Martavis is a good kid that made some mistakes in his life,” general manager Kevin Colbert told ESPN earlier this month. “I know he’s a good son, I know he’s a good father. He knows he has challenges that he has to continue to overcome and if he does, he can have a great career and that will be great for him and certainly help us.

“I want to see him save his career more than anything. He’s not a bad person, he’s just a person who’s had some issues where they were his fault and there’s no getting around that. He knows that, we know that. But I also know he’s trying, and really trying to make himself not only a better player but a better person in regards to those issues.”

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QB Brock Osweiler released by Browns

Cheap Darrin Reaves jersey The Cleveland Browns Jersey are releasing quarterback Brock Osweiler Jersey, sources confirmed to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.The Browns owe Osweiler $16 million, but Cleveland does get Houston’s 2018 second-round pick as part of the offseason trade between the two.

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Osweiler got the start in the first two preseason games for the Browns, then he didn’t see the field in the final two. In the meantime Cleveland named rookie DeShone Kizer Jersey its starter amid reports that it had renewed its attempt to trade the veteran Osweiler.

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Rubio became the youngest player ever to have fun playing the Spanish ACB League on October 15, 2005, when he was 14.On June 25, 2009, he was drafted with the fifth pick in begin round for the 2009 NBA Draft through the Timberwolves, making them the first player born in the 1990s become drafted the particular NBA. You may opt to be able to purchase the costumes and judge to make them at to your home. The season-ending injury to center Jamaal Jackson definitely messed up some of this chemistry, but that still can’t are the reason for the deficit of consistent setup. Definitely will often look at the best prices online, on the is advised to see what is available locally too. These uniforms were blue, claret, and salmon pink in color.

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Seahawks trade WR Jermaine Kearse for Sheldon Richardson

Wholesale Kam Chancellor jersey The Seattle Seahawks Jersey traded receiver Jermaine Kearse Jersey to the New York Jets Jersey on Friday for defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson Jersey. The Jets also get Seattle’s 2018 second-round draft pick, and the teams swapped seventh-round picks.

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Kearse, 27, has been a starter for the Seahawks since 2014 but is coming off a down season in which he caught 41 passes for 510 yards and one touchdown. He was briefly supplanted as Seattle’s No. 2 receiver behind Doug Baldwin Jersey, but he reclaimed that role when Tyler Lockett Jersey suffered a season-ending leg injury in December.

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Richardson, 26, has spent his entire four-year career with the Jets. The former Defensive Rookie of the Year made the Pro Bowl in 2014.

wholesale jerseys authentic “Another team wanted me,” Richardson told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “Got to roll with the punches. I’m happy for the situation I’m in now. Fresh start.

Wholesale Kam Chancellor jersey “I can’t wait to contribute on a defense with guys like that. I want to get out there and start on defense. That’s the plan.”

Kearse is set to make $2.2 million in base salary in 2017 as part of the three-year, $13.5 million deal he signed in March 2016. Richardson is making a guaranteed $8.1 million, and the Jets have been trying to trade him since last October because they anticipate losing him as a free agent after this season.

Richardson’s immaturity has been a concern to some people in the organization. He has been suspended twice by the league, and he recently angered Todd Bowles with his public criticism of former teammate Brandon Marshall Jersey Jersey.

The acquisition of Richardson strengthens what was already one of the NFL’s better front sevens, and it gives the Seahawks the interior pass-rusher they thought they were getting with top pick Malik McDowell Jersey, who might miss his rookie season following an ATV accident.

A significant move like this seemed to be in the offing when the Seahawks cleared $5.2 million in salary-cap space for 2017 by restructuring Baldwin’s contract, which was reported by ESPN’s Field Yates.

It marks the fourth time the Seahawks have traded for a star player under general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll, who previously made deals to acquire running back Marshawn Lynch Jersey in 2010, wide receiver Percy Harvin in 2013 and tight end Jimmy Graham Jersey in 2015.

Richardson told Anderson that he is flying to Seattle on Friday night.

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